The Organization of Flow

By Estefany Noria

Photographing the sixth graders in 219A at Lakewood Montessori Middle School revealed a dynamic classroom spurred by movement-based learning. Math and Science teacher Ms. Edwards skillfully manages the flow of students around the room, all the meanwhile promoting the use of social interaction as a tool for learning and growth.

As a beginner photographer, capturing the energy in Ms. Edward’s class proved to be quite the experience. Lakewood was my first introduction to the Montessori structure, and it was during moments where I found myself in the middle of loud and productive work cycles that I appreciated its flexible, yet organized composition.

Watching the formation and breakdown of learning niches by busy sixth graders was perhaps the best takeaway from each of my visits to 219A and Lakewood. Each student’s learning process is different, and as a viewer there is no more exciting moment than when a student shines a light through glass prisms or molds Play-Doh mountains for the first time. Each of these new acts, whether spontaneous or deliberate, intimately represents incremental additions of knowledge, and ultimately culminates in deeper personal and intellectual growth.

A big thanks to the students of Classroom 219A and Ms. Edwards for eagerly welcoming me into their Morning Meetings, Solo Times, and everything in between.