The Magic of Music at Lakewood

By Zhang Zhen

My project is about the music program at Lakewood, focusing primarily on the interactions in class among the students and the two music teachers, Mr. Newman and Mrs. Hughes. I also took pictures of these students’ flex time, their field trip to Duke Chapel and their concert.  These pictures in all tell what the music program is like at Lakewood.

I chose to shoot the music program at Lakewood because I learned to play the violin at four but my memories of that time are blurry. So, I wanted to take pictures of kids beginning to learn music from my perspective as an outsider and find out what it is like for young kids to begin to learn music. Taking pictures at Lakewood over the last three months reminded me not only of my experiences of learning music but also of those fun memories of my middle school. I did the same things as the kids at Lakewood—fighting with instruments as weapons, falling asleep along with gentle music and playing with my teacher’s baton before concert.

All these experiences also helped me grow as a photographer. They helped me shoot pictures from a different perspective of an outsider who, however, had the same experiences. Thus, I had more understanding of the whole situation and intuitively knew what to shoot, how to shoot and when the transient moment would happen. Now, as I look back to all the pictures I took this semester, I could see pictures get better and myself grow. However, I could not make so much progress without the support from Mr. Newman, Mrs. Hughes, all the students in the program, my teacher Susie and all my classmates. Thanks so much. I have had a great experience in this class.