Through Kim's Eyes: Latinidad at Lakewood

By Ruby Valdes

After witnessing the planning and execution of Lakewood Montessori Middle School, I explore the ways in which Kimberlin Anyelin Vargas Quiroa navigates her journey with Latinidad. An integral part of the LHM planning cohort, Kim grapples with the difficulties of embracing her culture. As a Latinx person in her 20's, I walked alongside Kim and photographed her life while giving her the space to reflect and unlock the culture that runs through her veins.

I want to thank Kimberlin for allowing me to set into her life and capture the things she does on a daily basis. Talking about some of the topics we touched on is difficult, so I thank you for being vulnerable, courageous, and open. I hope that you have learned something from me because I know I learned a lot from you. I might be new to the photography game, but experiencing this journey with you is one I will never forget.