Community 5: Ways of Learning Revolutionized

By Olivia Martin

Community 5 is no typical learning environment, which I quickly learned seconds after entering the classroom. The free expression of thoughts, opinions and identities have created a space for these students to become our next generation of leaders and problem-solvers. This project, as a result encapsulates these activities, learning experiences and bonds.

I truly appreciate the kindness and hard work these students put in day in and day out to make their own experience, as well as my own a truly memorable one. However, I would like to thank Ms. Hurst and Ms. Hlavaty for welcoming me into their learning environment. Their warmth, creativity and dedication to their work are truly commendable. Their admirable qualities impact all of those who have the pleasure of being around and I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them. Best of luck to all those in Community 5!