Beyond the Band: Orchestrating Community

By Madeleine Berger

The band and orchestra classes of 'Lord Salter' stand out as a highlight of the Lakewood Montessori Middle School experience. Equipped with violins, cellos, trumpets, tubas, clarinets, flutes, and even a bassoon, the music program allows these middle schoolers to learn a new instrument through daily class periods. They absolutely adore their teacher, as Lord Salter facilitates an environment where students can laugh and joke around with each other. He also makes sure to instill respect, discipline, and independence during these formative years, by making sure that they take care of their instruments and letting them set up the classroom themselves.

Throughout the semester, I witnessed the students having a lot of fun, while growing as musicians as they rehearsed for their Winter Concert. They performed songs that I was amazed to see middle schoolers execute! To Mr. Salter and all the students I met, thank you so much for letting me into your beloved music room this semester and being so welcoming! Experiencing the joy and dedication within these classes was truly something special.