Awakening Connections: C2 and the Morning Meeting

By Luma Barreto

This project focuses on the Morning Meetings and the morning dynamics of Community 2. A regular day at Lakewood Montessori Middle School begins with students gathering for a time of intentional conversation. A group of young leaders are previously assigned roles to guide the meeting and share special greetings, acknowledgments, National Day, jokes, and a reflection. It is a time for purposeful, mindful, and appreciative communication, in which students are encouraged to truly listen and share ideas. The Morning Meetings have a different format on Fridays, where the entire school gathers for a time of bonding through such conversations. Moreover, this project dives deeper into the dynamics of C2, the developments and interactions that happen once the morning session ends.

Working on this project, having the privilege to get to know such an incredible institution guided by even more fascinating individuals, was an honor. To be able to observe the passion this school shares for education while teaching values that pertain to character just as much as academic have been eye-opening, inspirational. Not only that, but I had the pleasure to be surrounded by the superb teachers and students from Community 2, and learn from their charisma and dedication. It was truly a transformative experience to be able to document a little bit about Lakewood Montessori and C2.