Children of the Earth

By Aaliyah Turrietta

Being a Child of the Earth is a part of Lakewood Montessori's education as much as math and science is. The children at all levels get to travel around North Carolina for immersive learning with their peers and teachers. There are no phones, no distractions besides the new environment surrounding them. They are given the freedom to have fun while learning core lessons on marine ecosystems and cultures of those in the area.

I was given the amazing opportunity to travel and photograph these kids having fun. It grounded me as a senior in college, now leaving my final year of education. Still, I was reminded that I can learn anywhere and at anytime. Every day, we are engaging with basic math and science to make sense of everything happening around us. I am glad that my education from elementary to college can be used if I am thinking critically about my environment like these kids are being raised to.