Simply Put, We’re Amazing

By Danielle Mayall

Community 4 is home to Lakewood’s most dynamic group of 7th and 8th graders you will ever meet. They are always laughing, jumping, complaining, sticking their tongues out, hugging and anything else you could imagine. But beyond all the giggles lie 48 extremely brilliant and mature young adults. They work diligently to make their best grades, and have a sense of control and self-discipline that is not even found in most college students. But of course, nothing would be possible without the two ruling queens of Community 4, Ms. Stanton and Ms. Hunter. These two incredible women have given their lives to these kids. I have known them only for a couple of days, and already see they do and would do anything for them. It is the upbeat, daring, sharp and warmhearted people that make this community one big CRAZY but happy family.