Mr. V, I want my kids to learn Latin!

By Stephanie Najjar

I was delighted to see how excited students at Lakewood were to learn Latin. I was also incredibly impressed with how active and energetic Mr. V is with his students. He really seeks to make Latin interesting and fun to learn. Latin is an incredibly hard subject to teach because it requires that students memorize a completely new and complex grammar system. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by how difficult Latin can be, students are stimulated to work and learn in a positive and very dynamic environment.

It was a pleasure to take pictures of the Latin class for a semester.  The atmosphere is light, fun but serious at the same time. To be honest, I have never seen anything like it. Having taken Latin myself for six years, I know how dry Latin can be! I think Latin is a great way to sharpen one’s mind. For example, I learnt to think on my feet, to translate fast and efficiently and to memorize better. Though I encourage every young student to learn Latin, I especially encourage them to take it with Mr. V. Fun but challenging at the same time, Latin class was not only a space where students could think very differently about a language, but also connect with each other, help each other and improve together. Students don’t let each other down and are always ready to give each other a hand.