Growing Up

By Anne Drescher

Stepping into Community 6 to photograph was the first time I had been in a middle school since my own 8th grade graduation. My memories of middle school are a jumble of football games, classes, pep rallies and an overarching feeling of awkwardness. I expected to walk into Community 6 and experience the same feeling. Little did I know that there is a way to do middle school properly, and the kids at Lakewood have it figured out. It was clear the first time I photographed that these students have forged strong bonds with each other, with the whole community and with the whole school. They help each other, comfort each other and laugh with each other. They are all growing up, but their support of one another eases the transition. In Community 6 students are not afraid to be themselves because their community is truly that, a community.

I would like to thank Community 6 for letting me come to your classes throughout the semester! Ms. Dulaney and Ms. Mulligan are fantastic teachers and the whole community was welcoming and kind. To the students of Community 6, you are awesome, and I know that there are good things to come from you all in the future!