From Uganda to Lakewood

By Sophie Turner

When I chose Ruth Tucker as the focus of my project, I had no idea that she would be one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Let me start by saying, she is not your typical middle school girl. At only 14 years old, Ruth has encountered more loss and suffering than most people see in a lifetime. Two years ago, out of sheer generosity, compassion, and good will, they adopted Ruth and her two biological siblings from Uganda, changing their lives forever. They have now adopted two more children, expanding their clan to seven.

The Tuckers graciously allowed me to slip into their world, welcoming me with open arms. I photographed not only Ruth, but many of her friends and family as well. Ruth has a whole network of people standing behind her with support. To be perfectly honest, Ruth’s beauty, openness, and photogenic qualities made my job very easy, and I found myself tempted to continue shooting only portraits. I can only hope that I have done justice to her story.