Carpet Conversations

By Jamal Edwards

The focus of my project is “Carpet Conversations”. Just like conversations at a family dinner table, Lakewood communities have conversations on their community carpet. During my first initial visit to Lakewood, I was immediately impressed with the energetic students and compassionate faculty. The school is like one giant family. Since I was so in love with the close intimate setting that Lakewood offers, I decided to focus my whole project on one of the community families. Boy did I luck out with Community One.

The students in this community are simply hilarious. Each visit I would take literally hundreds of pictures (the only way I could get myself to leave was knowing I had class back at Duke later in the day). The most challenging part of my project was narrowing down which awesome picture to select for the final reveal. Additionally, I realize that this experience would not be quite as extensive without the encouragement and warm spirits of Mr. Rudisill and Mrs. Mckee. They are by far a truly phenomenal teaching pair. It is so clear that they have a passion for their jobs and an interest in the students. I have never witnessed such outstanding student/teacher relationships. This is a strong testament to the hard work Mr. Rudisill and Mrs. Mckee put into the class. I love that they want their students to be big thinkers, at times they would even help me with my own creativity (how awesome is that right?).

The laughter, lessons, and stories that I experienced this semester in Community One will stay with me for a long time to come. While Community One is a pretty large bunch, each student represents one part of a grand whole. It is my hope that the moments I captured will speak to your heart as they have done mine.